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We raised the bar on flap ducts.

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Our ducts come with an automated internal tube membrane that adjusts to temperature and seasons with the flick of a lever. A positive pressure system brings fresh air in and a negative system flushes the air out. This technology is especially useful during spring and fall when the days are warm, and the nights are cool.

Protect your calves

Flap ducts are particularly good at matching the quality of air in hutches in every season. Protect your biggest investment—your calves.



Tube Model Diameters:

  • 15” (38.1cm)
  • 21” (53.34cm)

Fan Model:

  • 14” (35.56cm)
  • 20” (50.8)
  • 20” (50.8)

Hold Pattern configurations:

  • Tube 15” + Fan 14"
  • Tube 21" + Fan 20"

Air flow capacity:

  • 1300, 1400, 3700, 3800, 4300, 4800 CFM respectively


  • System of membranes, or flaps, can be moved up and down to control air flow based on seasonal needs
  • Fully Automated option

Artificial intelligence, at your service!

With the Agrimesh module, automate and optimize the air quality of your installations and remotely manage perfect ventilation at all times.

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