The Isopan Advantage.

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When you want a more solid panel to protect your livestock from the elements while improving ventilation. Our curtain provides 60% natural lighting as well as exceptional insulation. The laminated polystyrene panels are durable, reliable and simple to maintain. Plus, they’re lightweight for easy installation.

Whatever the season

With PVC moulding to prevent sticking or freezing during winter months, and windows available in a wide range of sizes, the Isopan can meet your ventilation needs in a variety of situations and seasons. Get the most out of your barn and protect your livestock investment with Isopan.



  • Height: 36“, 42‘’, 48‘’, 60‘’ and 72‘’ panels


  • Panel made of polystyrene covered with a UV treated
  • PVC layer on each side.
  • Our Isopan panel is manufactured without wood or
  • any other material sensitive to damage that may
  • affect its service life.
  • Gloss finish on both sides therefor facilitating
  • cleaning.
  • 1 5/8“ high density Insulation.
  • PVC molding preventing freezing during cold
  • temperature.
  • Option: Thermos window, insulation guarantee
  • against defect.
  • Built to last


  • Flexible double seals 1“ wide, which surround the
  • outline of the opening.
  • Windbreaks 12“ wide, white color available.
  • Aluminum post.
  • Lifting mechanism attached directly to the panel.
  • Reinforced galvanized steel panel inside providing
  • greater rigidity.
  • Lifting by rolling up or linear traction.
  • Hoisting rope 1/8“ stainless steel.
  • Traction cable: 1/4“ to 5/16” stainless steel.
  • Accessories and mounting hardware stainless steel.

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