Max Air 72

Unrivaled when you need precision and reliability.

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Rely on the Max Air Plus 72 when you need to extract a precise amount of air to avoid under or over-ventilating your barn. Our largest and most energy-efficient fan is tested for low energy consumption, comes with 6 heavy-duty corrosion-resistant aluminum blades, and a solid guarantee. The smooth and quiet operation is also perfect for animals, and the large volume output means fewer fans are needed, thus reducing your costs even further.

The titan

This is a strong, corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean fan, housed in thick fibreglass. Optional winter covers or insulated shutters are also available for severe winter conditions. Add it all up and the Max Air Plus 72 is a titan when it comes to ventilation.



  • 72” (0.91m)
  • Air flow capacity: 49,167 CFM


  • Single speed or variable
  • 6 balanced, heavy duty aluminum blades, corrosion resistant
  • Extremely quiet
  • Automatic belt tensioner
  • Low energy consumption

Artificial intelligence, at your service!

With the Agrimesh module, automate and optimize the air quality of your installations and remotely manage perfect ventilation at all times.

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