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Chimneys are a great solution when puncturing holes in concrete or walls is less than ideal. With a variety of styles available, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the benefits of natural ventilation. Oval chimneys work well for larger buildings. Round and square models are ideal for shorter buildings, with extra ventilation provided by the round chimney due to its shape.

Tired of your open ridge?

With rain and snow infiltrations, barn freezing and wet feed alleys? We have a proven solution! Ventec Chimneys are designed to stop infiltration and prevent wet alleys. Ventec Chimneys better control exhaust to prevent freezing. In addition to Air Inlets, chimneys are a crucial part of an effective ventilation system. Ventec Chimneys are the producer’s first choice when it comes to design, durability and insulation performance.



  • Oval: 22” x 32” (55.9cm x 81.3cm)
  • Round: 22” (55.9cm)
  • Rectangular 22” x 26” (55.9 cm x 66.0cm)


  • Oval: +/- 18 cows per chimney
  • Round: +/- 13 cows per chimney
  • Rectangle: +/- 16 cows per chimney


  • Adaptable to any kind of building
  • Roof flashing available to match all possible roof pitches
  • Insulated flashing
  • Insulated duct and cap
  • Comes with internal damper

Artificial intelligence, at your service!

With the Agrimesh module, automate and optimize the air quality of your installations and remotely manage perfect ventilation at all times.

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