Blo-Air 52

Get in the flow and stir some air

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The Blo Air is a recirculating fan used when you have trouble spots that need extra airflow. To keep the comfort zone stable in your barn, air movement is added over your cows. To further improve the cooling effect, the fan may also be coupled with other systems. Animals, staff and bedding all benefit, and the quiet operation will be much appreciated also.

The right fan for the right job, done right

Housed in robust fibreglass, along with durable louvres, the Blo Air is versatile when it comes to installation. Fit it on an existing column or post, or suspend it overhead. You’ll boost your animal welfare by providing constant airflow to fight heat stress. When you’re moving air in your building, with the Blo Air as part of your ventilation set-up, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Artifical intelligence,
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With the Agrimesh module, automate and optimize the air quality of your installations and remotely manage perfect ventilation at all times.